Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My Guru Phillip Adams Charles A. Small and Hillary Mann Leverett (husband Flynt Leverett) discussed anti-Semitism and a few other issues with Phillip

My Guru Phillip Adams

Charles A. Small and Hillary Mann Leverett (husband Flynt Leverett) discussed anti-Semitism and a few other issues with Phillip Adams tonight (Monday, May 04, 2009). Both of the guests are some kinds of Zionists. One played the role of good cop and the other bad cop. My “guru” Phillip Adams failed to ask pertinent questions to both of them. This is not surprising and is no criticism of Phillip Adams himself. He has long been the target of international Zionist pressure to muzzle him and submit himself to their false vision of Armageddon for the “holy land”. This tunnel vision agenda is based on prejudice against goys, which is clearly evident in the occupied Palestine and Israel of today! This shows itself in the form of ethnic cleansing of the non-Jews, in addition to the many discriminatory laws and practices in the same land.

The best selling book (My Israel Question) author Antony Loewenstein and Dr. Noah Basill, Director, Centre of Middle East Studies, Macquarie University as well as many more non-Arab and non-Muslim identities have recently told us that the Iranian President Mohammad Ahmedinazad and his spiritual leader NEVER called for the destruction of Israel. Yet, the Zionised media have been trying to prosecute him for that alleged offense!

They also wrongly accuse that the Iranian President Mohammad Ahmedinazad denied the occurrence of the standardized Zionist “milking cow,” the Holocaust, which he did not do. He simply questioned the overall extent of that tragic event. The Zionist Holocaust Traders then went on to falsely attack him and Iran when those same elitist Zionists are trying to ignore the present slow motion and painful Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine.

One can easily say that similarly to Mr. Ahmedinazad no one else has to step back from questioning the overall extent of the almost exalted, “milking cow”, the Holocaust. Because none of us were there, we were not part of that one, and we can do nothing about it. But many Zionist do not wish for them, us and every human yet to be born to question the level and extent of that tragic event. By extension, via some twisted logic that the whole of mankind, for all eternity are also not to question but to suffer and feel repentance and to believe their version of the Holocaust. However on the other hand if it eventuates as many Zionist leaders clearly do wish, we choose to see nothing, say nothing and do nothing about the present Israeli Holocaust in the occupied Palestine. Ironically these “Holocaust Traders” do not say anything about the English Holocaust in Ireland and the British Holocaust in Bengal. Theirs is the only one they want to talk about and remember. Additionally it’s their version they want talked about and remembered. Full stop!

For your information I am appending the article “What a Zionised World” to demonstrate the shameful world wide pro-Zionist circus and the role of the complacent and craven Australian media and politicians. I am also adding a few undisputed maps to prove once again that Martin Indic was wrong in Phillip’s show mentioned earlier.

Last night I had an unintended and accidental debate with a Zionist at 2GB on the David Oldfield show. It was somewhat repulsive despite the honest intention of David who acted as an arbitrator. The tragic part is that the Zionists accuse, insult and attack people without an iota of evidence and they are unable to answer the most basic definitions and authenticity, on which they base their beliefs and the Zionist didactic that emanate from their flawed thinking.

We are hearing some sort of rumor that the mighty Zionists are going to silence David Oldfield from the 2GB nightshift. They did the same to Glen Wheeler, on 2UE and poor Rihab Charida on the obscure Channel 31.

One must wonder why is everybody scared to stand up against the Zionist gangs operating worldwide, and their crimes continuum?


First Jewish colony in Palestine, 1878

Major Arab Towns and Zionist Settlements in Palestine, 1881-1914

Sykes-Picot Agreement, 1916

Zionist colonies in Palestine at the beginning of the British Mandate, 1920

Peel Commission Partition Plan, 1937

Woodhead Partition Plan, 1938

Zionist and Palestinian landownership in percentages by subdistrict, 1945

Distribution of population (Palestinian and Jewish) by subdistrict, 1946

Palestine under the British Mandate, 1923-1948

United Nations Partition Plan-UN Resolution 181, 1947 / Rhodes Armistice Line, 1949

Wye Memorandum, 1998

Sharm-Esh-Sheikh, (Projected from Memorandum), 1999

Projection of the West Bank Final Status Map presented by Israel, Camp David, July 2000