Friday, January 29, 2010

Indian cabbie vows never to drive taxis

Indian cabbie vows never to drive taxis


January 21, 2010


An Indian taxi driver says he will never drive a cab again after being stabbed by an armed robber despite handing over all his cash.

Ravinder Singh, 23, says he doesn't believe the attack in inner Melbourne was racially motivated - but it's left him traumatised and unable to work.

"I was scared," he told reporters on Thursday, nearly two months after the ordeal.

"He kept saying like: `Give me your wallet, give me your wallet, give me your wallet'."

Mr Singh quickly handed over about $70 or $80 from his pocket to the masked man but the offender still plunged a knife deep into his chest, puncturing his right lung.

Mr Singh - who came to Australia three years ago to study auto mechanics - spent two weeks in a critical condition in hospital and now says he will never drive a taxi again.

He was attacked at about 1.50am (AEDT) on December 9 last year as he drove to his girlfriend's home along Collier Street in West Brunswick.

About two houses away, he called her on his mobile to say he was nearby and could call in for a bite to eat.

But, as he pulled into a parking spot, a stolen 1990 blue Holden Commodore rammed his car, police said.

Mr Singh looked behind him to see the car's passenger pull a black balaclava over his head, whip out a large knife and walk towards his taxi.

Moments later he was bleeding in the street while his terrified girlfriend, who was still on the phone, heard his screams.

She ran outside and called triple-zero but the attackers had already sped way.

Police found their stolen car dumped in the rear car park of the nearby Union Hotel.

Detective Sergeant Stuart Bailey said it was an opportunistic crime and investigators were looking for anyone who saw the car stolen, the attack itself, or the car being dumped.

"I'm sure somebody knows about this crime and the offenders involved in this crime," he said.

The attacker is described as being of Caucasian appearance with a thin build, while the driver had blond hair.

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